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These are valuations which our customers decided to share with the community.

Shared appraisals

  • A Chinese Stoneware Jar

  • A 9 carat gold half hunter pocket...

    Case numbered 204406, with presentation inscription.

  • France, Paris Colonial Exposition 1931, a pair of uniface...

  • Currier and Ives

    Home for the holidays Coloured print.

  • Chanel skirt suit

    Chanel skirt suit, ivory with contrast trims.

  • A Chinese blue and white meat dish.

    The oval dish decorated with a central design of a...

  • James Webb [British 1825-1895]

    Figures and boats on the beach a windmill in the distance Oil...

  • John Alexander Harrison Noble (American,...

    Towing Out - End of sail in the East River Lithograph Signed...

  • Gerardo Orakin [Armenian 1901-1963] Portrait of a...

  • Pastor Argudin [Cuban 1889-?] Landscape Oil on canvas Signed...

  • An old bottle of Bénédictine Liqueur.

    The labels and lead seals generally good, some chipping...

  • An Italian Maiolica lamp base painted in blue with...

  • A Large Japanese Satsuma style Pottery Vase, the tapered...

  • Islington Studio (LA)

    5 X 7 inch vintage print of Charlie Chaplin eating...

  • A Vintage 'Chatillon' Scale.

    The typical base scale with overhead dial.

  • A Chinese export brown lacquer cabinet with two flush...

  • Emanuel Urbain Huchet [French 1930-?]

    Notre Dame Paris Signed limited edition coloured print

  • A George V silver circular cast/fly...

    plain, the lid pierced at the centre with breathing...

  • Gordon [late 20th century school]

    Farmstead by a stream Oil on canvas Signed lower...

  • A brass double bed.

    With arched and railed head and footboard, assembled...

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  • "It's like the Antiques Roadshow, without the lineups."

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  • “Three years ago, Patrick van der Vorst started the website ValueMyStuff.com to bring auction-house expertise to the masses, in the United States and the United Kingdom.”

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  • “Virtual Appraisals: ValueMyStuff.com Offers an Expert Take on Art, Antiques and Oddities.”

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  • “The Valuemystuff.com app lets you snap photos with your smartphone and send them in for appraisals by folks from Sotheby's and Christie's.”

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  • “Valuemystuff.com allows Spring Cleaners access to 62 experts appraisers for a flat fee of $9.99 per item, a price that seems well worth it when you consider some of the surprise appraisals the company has valued.”

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  • “Value My Stuff appeared on Dragons' Den and received a £100,000 investment from Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis. They look forward to further expanding these services in a quest to make art expertise accessible to all.”

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  • “The antiques entrepreneur on providing estimates for everything from Monets to dentures.”

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  • “Have you ever wondered what your dolls house is worth? Perhaps you have to sell a treasured miniature collection, or want to make sure you have adequate insurance cover? Well, help is now at hand at valuemystuff.com.”

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  • “A new company dubbed the 'online Antiques Roadshow' is revolutionising the antiques industry.”

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  • “The brainchild of a former Sotheby's director and backed by two dragons from Dragons' Den, this site is a fast and easy way to put a price on anything from sports memorabilia to African tribal art.”

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  • “Antiques experts at your fingertips.”

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  • “The new website www.valuemystuff.com allows people to email a photograph of an item and have it valued within 48 hours.”

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  • “Online valuation site booms in hard times.”

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  • “It's one of those wonderful ingenious but equally simple concepts that it's hard to believe somebody hadn't come up with before.”

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  • “A new website offers quick antique valuation services based on photos - reflecting the rising popularity of antiques and "products with personality" in the worlds of decoration and collecting.”

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  • “Dragons back online valuer.”

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  • “Upon testing 5 appraisal sites, Value My Stuff was the simplest to use and with the fastest, most accurate results.”

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  • “If the Antiques Road Show isn't making a visit to your local town hall, you can use valuemystuff.com.”

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  • “One of the top 25 of the best money saving websites!”

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  • “Valuers and Auctioneers may feel ambivalent but it was bound to happen sooner or later: a professional valuation service that operates purely online! And the word to note is 'professional', as the founder headed up Furniture at Sotheby's.”

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  • “Valuemystuff provides accessible, specialist appraisals. Net some extra cash by checking the values of your items. We check out the best websites.”

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  • "There is no conflict of interest or ties with auction houses, so the service can give a fair and reliable appraisal.”

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  • “Thanks to this specialist appraisal website, homeowners can decide whether it's worth selling their 'stuff' to help towards moving costs.”

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  • “I intend to make full use of its services after my positive experience last week.”

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  • “Rather than taking a gamble with an auction site or car boot sale, it is worth checking out the value first with valuemystuffnow.com.”

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  • "Best New Website of the Month. Certainly easier and cheaper than lugging a grandfather clock around different dealers.”

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  • “Is your unwanted 'junk' treasure? Use this online valuation service to find out.”

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  • “Cash in the Attic? Valuemystuff.com is 'the' internet-based valuation service. Within 48 hours you find out the value of your items.”

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  • “The service is quick and easy. Users simply click on valuemystuffnow.com and follow three simple steps. ”

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  • “Turn junk into cash through online valuation service which offers the services of experts from Britain's leading auction houses.”

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  • “Valuation service ensures your treasures don't go for a song.”

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  • “Home owners are flocking to this new valuation service which has unearthed a Damien Hirst spin painting valued at over €120,000.”

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  • “Team of professional experts offers invaluable e-pinions for a very small fee. Experts who have worked at Sotheby's and Christie's, now at your finger tips. ”

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  • “Treasure trove - Valuemystuffnow will give you an online valuation for your treasures and trinkets ahead of going at auction.”

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  • “Got something in your attic? This new online valuation service has been set up by a former director of Sotheby's, and offers an expert valuation within 48 hours.”

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  • “The website will encourage people to dust down their items - much in the style of the BBC Antiques Roadshow.”

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  • “App of the week: popular valuation service valuemystuff.com has launched a new mobile app.”

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  • "The Value My Stuff brand has grown into a multinational company supplying valuations by email to thousands of satisfied customers.”

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  • “A report from experts Value My Stuff found 15 per cent of homes have furniture worth £500 or more while 17 per cent have paintings worth more than £500.”

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  • “Value My Stuff is an online valuation service which enables customers to simply take photos of their items which they can then upload directly onto the site where, within just 48 hours, they will receive a valuation report from one of over 62 experts.”

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  • “Value My Stuff experts can give sellers realistic auction prices and advice on each item’s selling potential.”

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  • “According to a new survey by online valuation service, Value My Stuff, a large proportion of us could be sitting on a goldmine.”

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  • “Value My Stuff is an online service to which customers can upload photographs of their items and receive a ­valuation from a team of more than 60 experts, many with ­experience at auctioneers Sotheby’s, Christie’s or Bonhams.”

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  • “Small Business Person of the Week: Patrick Van der Vorst, Founder, Value My Stuff.”

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  • “Down to a Fine Art: Annabel Palmer talks to Patrick van der Vorst, the ex-Sotheby’s art expert who used a £100,000 investment from Dragons Den to build online valuation service Value My Stuff.”

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  • "Your grandmother’s knick knacks or that present your aunt gave you 25 years ago that you hid in the loft may in fact be worth more than you thought"

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  • "It is a BREATH of Fresh air compared with EBAY!" - April A. USA

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  • "The history was very interesting to know. The complete information that you provide was most meaningful and the history your researcher discover of my piece very interesting. Your services are appreciated greatly and I will be using this medium in the future for other pieces that I have!!" - Pat B., UK

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Art, Antiques & Collectables appraisals online

Learning how much your collectables are worth is easy thanks to ValueMyStuff and our fast and easy online appraisal process. Our team of specialists are ready to value any item, and will deliver a bespoke valuation report to your inbox within just 48 hours of application!

To get your online appraisal, simply upload photographs of your item and submit any relevant and available details. We will then assign the most suitable specialist to your valuation, who will use their expertise to provide an accurate estimation of your item’s market value.

We have brought together experienced and professional specialists in everything from sports memorabilia appraisals to a painting appraisal and silverware appraisal, so you are assured a reliable expert opinion every time we conduct collectables valuations.

As well as a PDF document detailing your item’s valuation and interesting information about its history, you will receive an online appraisal certificate that can be shared with others – perfect for showing potential buyers when using online auction sites like eBay.

Our pricing plan suits those looking for a single antique valuation, as well as avid collectors and resellers. We have credits that can be redeemed against each application, and offer discounts on bulk purchases. For your convenience and peace of mind, credits do not expire.

Plus, we offer a comprehensive range of antiques services so that you can achieve anything with your collectables. We can help you with restoration, exhibition, the auction, insurance and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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